Monday, July 19, 2010

Turns out it -was- too much!

You know how I asked how much was too much?

Yeah. Raiding all four of the days I had off, multiple raids a day, kinda burned me. Plus there was the whole frantic grind for frost emblems for my T10 helm/prims for boots.

Last week I managed to get my helm and boots right before we took on Lich King on Tuesday, and it was sexy. We managed to get to Phase 2 a bunch, buuut we kept wiping, which was fine, we were learning the fight. We spent three hours doing that, and we did significantly improve. We learned a lot about positioning!

We tried to regroup on Thursday, but not enough people showed up, sadly. Honestly, though, I was feeling pretty crappy- I had some a summer cold- so I was just as glad.

I declined ICC10 on Wednesday on my shaman, and on Friday I got invited to that 25-man on Dyna, but I said 'mehhh'.

I haven't even been running my daily heroic for frost emblems. I am suddenly the picture of apathy, and I hardly even want to log on...

Part of this is because this wonderful new raid group? The raid leader and main tank is leaving for a few weeks. Q_Q The raid will go on, but... I dunno. It's a bummer.

The other part is that... I just don't feel like it.

I've got a great group that I absolutely adore, and I am pumped to raid with them again. But now that I have experienced this wonderful, amazing- COMPETENCE- in comparison with what I had PuGging?

I don't want to go back!

I don't -want- to deal with the PuG rogue who tells me 'lol mail is 4 shamenz i h8 pallyz who where mail'.

I don't -want- to deal with the tank who isn't def capped and is pulling like a fiend while letting everyone else get aggro.

The idea of queuing for a random lately makes me go 'eennnnhhhhh...'

I mean. I need my off-set gloves. It's a nice upgrade. And I need my prims for my new legs. That'll be a nice upgrade, too.

But... they aren't -that- massive of upgrades... and... blehhh. I'll get them before the raid leader gets back. Mehhhh.

Also, RP has been kickin' lately, so- yay!

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